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by ETAK posted Jan 30, 2020


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Table of Contents Manuscript SubmissionChoi, Soo Joung  Developing Preservice EFL Teachers’ Pedagogical Competence through Lesson Planning Hwang, Seon-Yoo Peer Feedback in Business Email Writing Classes for EFL College Students Jin, Seunghee Mobile Flashcard Application for Vocabulary Learning: Effects on Development of Vocabulary Knowledge Kim, Hyun-Jin Description in L2 Narration: The Use of Progressive and Narrative Competence Lee, Byeong Cheon Comparative Study on Competency-Based English Curriculum Park, Punahm The Effects of a Project-Based Digital Storytelling Program Using a Video-Editing

e-ISSN : 2586-6141  Vol. 25, No. 3 English Language & Literature Teaching
Aims and Scopes English Language & Literature Teaching  is a quarterly-published journal of The English Teachers Association in Korea (ETAK), which was first published in 1995. The purpose of the journal publication is to promote ELT academic research among scholars and teachers in Korea and abroad who are interested  in the theory and  practice of English language teaching and learning. Editor-in-Chief Hyung-Ji Chang (Sun Moon University)
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